IFJ Asia-Pacific Campaigns

The IFJ Asia-Pacific works closely with local affiliates on the ground to campaign and strive for press freedom and media rights for journalists and media workers in each country and across the regions.


Journalists in the Asia-Pacific often face high levels of danger and risk to their personal safety while completing their professional duties. Unfortunately, journalists are often harassed, intimidated, detained and even abducted or killed for their work. One of the most common ways of trying to assist in supporting journalists in crisis situations is to draw as much local, regional, national and internationial attention to their plight as possible.


In order to do this, the IFJ Asia-Pacific consults with its local affiliates in the affected area and decide to call for a Global Day of Action.


Global Days of Action


When a Global Day of Action is called, the IFJ Asia-Pacific calls on its affiliates, friends and colleagues across the global to participate in a number of joint campaign activities. Some of these activities might be:

  • Writing a letter of protest to the President and Information Minister of a country
  • Creating and publicising an online petition
  • Holding a peaceful solidarity demonstration
  • Sending or delivering a letter to a local embassy or consulate
  • Holding a press conference on the issue
  • Writing an article about the issue in the local media

A good example of a Global Day of Action is the Media in Chains in Pakistan campaign organised by the IFJ Asia-Pacific and its local affiliate, the Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ) in November 2007.


Journalists in Pakistan set up coordinating committees in cities across the country to
maintain their opposition to emergency decrees issued by President Pervez Musharraf on 3
November. The committees included journalists, trade unionists and human rights advocates. Owners of newspapers and broadcasters joined in the activities as well. Daily protests of journalists occured outside media outlets across Pakistan, led by the PFUJ.

These local actions were be supported by IFJ affiliates around the world as they sent and delivered letters of protest against the Pakistan authorities' crackdown on free spech to their local Pakistan embassies and consulates on Thursday November 15.