EVENTS in the Asia-Pacific Region

Protection of Journalists and Press Freedom

Kathmandu, Nepal - May 2008



The IFJ Asia-Pacific will run safety training for journalists and media workers in  Nepal from May 20 to 29, with the support of the Federation of Nepali Journalists (FNJ), the Nepal Press Union (NPU) and the National Union of Journalists (NJU), all IFJ affiliates.


Recently, attacks and threats against the media in Nepal have been commonly linked to tensions around the historic Constituent Assembly elections, held on April 10. Tensions were especially evident in the eastern Terai region where political and other groups felt they were being left out of the election process. Anger in the Terai and elsewhere has been directed toward journalists, media workers and media institutions for their coverage of events and issues in relation to the election and minority interests.


The three-day training workshops will be led by an expert safety trainer in Jhapa and Biratnagar, in the east, and Mahendranagar, in the west. The participants and their organisations will gain practical skills and access to information to protect themselves in volatile environments and situations where individuals or groups may target them for their individual work, their ethnicity, their political leanings, or the output of their organisation.


The project is supported by Open Society Institute (OSI).