IFJ Asia-Pacific Handbooks


Handbook For Investigative Reporting in China

This resource provides advice to assist in protecting journalists and media professionals in their daily work. It lists Chinese laws and international instruments journalists can cite when contending with surveillance, detention and/or interrogation, or restrictions on access to public information.

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Media for Democracy in Afganistan
A handbook for journalists

An in depth handbook providing practical resources and information for journalists working in Afghanistan, particularly local journalists covering the ongoing conflict.
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Bridging the divides
Improving relations between india and pakistan:

a handbook on good journalism practice

A useful resource for promoting conflict sensitive journalism and conflict prevention and contributing to a more tolerant future for Pakistan and India. This handbook includes practical information and detailed analysis. Full PDF



Words to Action
Investigative reporting on corruption

A guide and reference for journalists working in Sri Lanka when dealing with issues of corruption. This handbook focuses on practical advice for journalists working in the field.
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Reporting for All:
Developing a public service journalism culture in Sri Lanka

This handbook presents a challenge to Journalists in Sri Lanka for a commitment to public Ssrvice values, including practical advice and media analysis.
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HIV/AIDS media guide - Philippines
IFJ - NUJP media guide and research report on the media's reporting of HIV/AIDS

This is a practical guide for Philippines based journalists covering issues relating to HIV/AIDS including a timeline and glossary.

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HIV/AIDS media guide:
an IFJ media guide and research report on the media's reporting of HIV/AIDS in the Asia-Pacific region.

This is a useful tool and practical guide for journalists covering all issues relating to HIV/AIDS.
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Decriminalising defamation:

an IFJ campaign resource for defeating criminal defamation

This is a resource handbook for the campaign against criminal defamation, including general analysis and detailed case studies. Full PDF





On the road to peace
Reporting Conflict and Ethnic Diversity: A research report on good journalism practice in Sri Lanka

This handbook combines both extensive research on the role of journalism in conflict ridden Sri Lanka and constructive practical advice for journalists working in the region.

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TOLERANCE AND UNITY Conflict-Sensitive Journalism
SAFETY IN SOLIDARITY A Survival Guide for Journalists in Bangladesh

A double publication containing a handbook on conflict sensitive journalism for Bangladesh, and a practical safety handbook for journalists working within the country.
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Telling Their Stories
Child Exploitation and the media - Guidelines for Journalists and Media Professionals

An in depth practical primer for media professionals about how to raise awareness of child exploitation through their work and to ensure they do not engage in it themselves.
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Earlier handbooks are also available from the IFJ Asia-Pacific Office via email at ifj@ifj-asia.org